Continuous Quality improvement of Product through digital transformation.

It is our aim to support and advise Customers, by offering expertise in tailor made services, as part of delivering efficient and effective Quality programs.
We continue to provide a valuable service for Quality as a trusted partner, to ensure the Customers needs are always meet!

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At CbP Quality Consultant, we provide Quality expertise to assure customer satisfaction with 100% guarantee Quality product. Weather the work is engineering, maintenance, turnarounds/shutdowns, projects, manufacturing, fabrication, materials, or simply consultancy, our # 1 priority will always be our customer.

Our motto ‘QUALITY is our name, QUALITY is our game’, is what CbPQualityConsultant live up to in being able to achieve our objectives. We CbPQualityConsultant are a strong believer in doing it right the first time, to further support the 100% guarantee Quality product.

CbPQC is a Quality consultant with expertise in the energy (offshore oil and gas platforms and rigs, pipelines, onshore facilities, and liquefied natural gas), mining, construction, civil, manufacturing, design and engineering, and many more industries.

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CbPQC is a Quality consultant with expertise in the energy


CbPQC Quality Consultant

CbPQC are here to provide independent advice to organisations, with the goal of improving the Quality of the company’s products and/or services.

Why Use CbPQC?

With the help of an experienced Quality consultant, you will be able to construct an effective Quality system that allows you to deliver reliable and consistent results to your customers. Your Quality consultant will be able to formulate a strategy that gives your organisation the tools it needs to improve, all while keeping your business goals in mind.

Finding the right Quality consultant for your business needs, does not need to be complicated. Here at CbPQC, Quality professional who is an industry expert working on Shell Exploration and Production operating plants since the early 2000s up to 2023, has helped to implement management systems and processes. With this experience, will assure you get the job done right the first time.

How is the Mobility of CbPQC?

CbPQC provides 24/7 support which is managed within Australia. Whether it requires online interaction, a visit to your organisation in the city or the outback, we haveyou covered anywhere, anytime.

e-CbPQC® Web Base and Application

Have you had enough of using paper for Quality and Inspection reporting? CbPQC can help you. Our e-CbPQC® web base and application are here to digitalise your Quality and Inspection reporting. Whether this is on your desktop, iPad or mobile, you can use a default report template, or have the freedom to customise your own template to suit your organisation.

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